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Yours Is No Disgrace - by David Foster
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Dear Yes fans, As many of you are aware, David Foster -- co-author of the classic Yes song, "Time And A Word" -- has been a participant here on a.m.y. for quite a while [check with Deja News]. He first contacted me when *m* sent him a copy of the Badger lyrics that are in the yes museum. David was very generous and gave us corrections to the lyrics (well, I can't be perfect!) After recieving tons of eMail from so many of us here on a.m.y, David decided to put his experiences into a new book, Yours Is No Disgrace -a Rock And Roll Memoir. I was honored to have the opportunity to read a draft of this amazing story, a story that is filled with the drama, disappointments, and dirty secrets of the Rock Music industry. Many of us have dreamed of living the Rock Star life. The wild life, the freedom, the power. The sex. David Foster's story took me into this world. I was captivated from the start, where David tells about his beginnings with the Warriors, the band that originally featured Tony Anderson as the lead vocalist and little brother John Anderson on backup harmonies. (Yes, it was J-o-h-n back then. It's all explained in the book.)

yesman (Lee)

Yours Is No Disgrace:

A Rock and Roll Memoir recounts the story of a determined but vulnerable individual on a musical adventure through the record industry. It comprises the history of a versatile artist by the name of David Foster, told in his own words.

The delivery of the details of these songwriting sessions is of great interest to the fans of Yes, many of whom drool with devotion to this day and are poised with forks of interest to penetrate every juicy morsel of this feast of facts from the early days of their favorite lead singer and his mate, David Foster.
As Yes are touring again this year it seems an apt time to relate Dave's experiences with the young Jon Anderson.

More soon.....


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