The Warriors

We have been deeply saddened that Ian Wallace has passed away

He will be sadly missed

David Foster (Badger) Bass Guitar and Harmonies

Jon Anderson (YES) Harmony Vocals

Tony Anderson (Las Bravos) Lead Vocal and Harmonica

Ian Wallace (King Crimson) Drums

Rod Hill Guitar

Mike Brereton Guitar


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The Warriors were David's first band. Formed in '62 The Warriors went through different line up's until the most Successful was achieved in '64, this being David Foster, Bass and Vocals, Ian Wallace, Drums Rod Hill, Guitar, Mike Brereton, Guitar Jon Anderson, Vocal Tony Anderson, Vocals. In their early days the band played the working men's club's, sporting clubs and small halls and club's in and around the Lancashire area eventually moving up to bigger rock venue's such as The Cavern, Liverpool, Oasis Manchester and the Mecca Ballroom circuit.

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Decca Records signed the band in early '64 and The Warriors cut their single You Came Along b/w Don't Make Me Blue, the latter being David's first recorded song. They appeared in a feature film called Just For You and made television appearances on ATV'S Thank Your Lucky Stars and BBC'S Juke Box Jury.

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They then toured Britain extensively for the next year being managed by the owners of The Beachcomber Club's where they often appeared. Tony Anderson and Mike Brereton left the Warriors in late '65 leaving Jon and David on Vocals and introducing

  Brian Chatton on keyboards.

This was to be the last incarnation of The Warriors. After touring Europe's Cellar Club's (Top Ten, Hamburg, Storyville Clubs, Cologne and Frankfurt, Carousel Club, Copenhagen etc) they split up in Frankfurt Germany in August '67 shagged out after a long squawk.

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