Brian Parrish

Brian began his career in the 1960s serving his apprenticeship at the Star Club Hamburg as did many of the British rock n roll aristocracy. In addition to touring as guitar player with Gene Vincent and later with Jerry Lee Lewis, Brian played on many sessions including spin off projects by Deep Purple personnel (Pace Ashton Lord), Moody Blues (Graeme Edge and Adrian Gurvitz) and hits by Medicine Head (produced by Tony Ashton). In 1969-70 he joined old friend Paul Gurvitz to form Parrish & Gurvitz, signing with George Martin (Beatles producer). The album was critically acclaimed and received worldwide press attention. The subsequent USA tour was a surprise to audiences expecting a mellow, close harmony act as suggested by their debut album. The post-album Parrish & Gurvitz band were hard rock. If album sales were less than anticipated, the live shows certainly delivered. P & G recorded a second album with George Martin but disbanded following management disagreements. Gurvitz formed Baker Gurvitz Army with Ginger Baker late of Cream and Brian joined Badger with Tony Kaye, Roy Dyke and David Foster. Brian went on to record solo (Love on my Mind Barn Records/Polydor) touring with the Brian Parrish Band, and working with ex-Animal Eric Burdon. In 1974/75 Brian took a break from performing and focussed his attention on writing ATV music, playing also on sessions as a hired gun. Throughout the early 1980s Brian worked as a songwriter and record producer. More recently Brian has been writing material with a new band project in mind, in addition to preparing material for a mooted Badger reprise.

"I m really up for doing some gigs"he says.

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